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My Story Behind The Passion of Fitness and This Website


Well, this is about me and why I created this website.

I'm Ryan Ferrer and Thank you for visiting My Favorite Fitness Tips Website!

First off, I created this website on being simple and practical in getting lean, losing weight etc.

Why? Here's my story...

I had no idea that I would be interested in fitness. Because my childhood years was dedicated to eating excessively. Quite fooled by some relatives,friends and a culture that eating plenty would make me stronger or taller, eventually I knew something was not right.

Instead of growing taller or stronger, I grew fat.

I tried learning about sports, but I never really excelled because the amount of calories is not equal to the power or strength an athlete has. I had to learn it the hard way though.

Seeing people who are fit, ripped or physically active, I notice a pattern. People my age for one look younger, skin is tight and they look lean. I often envy people in the fitness magazines. I wanted to be like them. I bought every magazine I can get and learned and applied every tip, workout or diet plan I read.

...Sadly I failed to reach my goals. I discovered that not all fitness magazines guarantee the results they promise.


I noticed there are many products endorsed. I spent my parents money (back in highschool) and my own money buying the "latest" supplement or the state of the art apparel and equipment (like the ab belt, which promises to burn fat). I depended on marketed products to get in shape or the body I want.

After waking up and dishing out every money I can, I knew I can learn about ways to get lean, fit and stay that way even if:

  • I invest in little to no money.
  • I wanted to eat the foods I like, crave or food I grew up with.
  • I have past habits in eating that made me fat and seldom lazy
  • I know nothing about fitness or studied it in school.

Searching for answers, you know what happened to my weight, physique years after realizing this?

none. nada.

I knew within I do not have to expect results soon. I gained fat/weight for habits that existed for years, why would I expect it to be all gone like magic?

Some people I encounter think otherwise.

The biggest change started through the way I think, which I feel is the most important change I had. Although I changed the way I think one by one, it is quite difficult changing almost completely the way I think about eating and working out.

For example: eating less was never really my strong suit. Working out hard was out of the question as well. I almost reached the state of hopelessness.It has been quite tough not seeing results every time I work out.

The change I talked about created the drive to learn more what will work, give it a try, if not, move on. I did not really judged a method as scam because it did not worked for me. Maybe its just me.

Online I encounter reviews about a program, product or tip, some are bad and some are good. Getting mixed messages WILL result in paralysis by analysis, at least in my case. In the end, no action, and with no action taken will give zero results.

Instead of getting mixed messages, I actually did them and researched them myself. I know I had to learn from experience, not from reviews. Fitness tips and other methods to lose weight may not work for you, but may work for me. It may be true that we cannot actually know until we try to fit it in our lives.

It won't work in the first place unless we ask questions like: Will it work for my schedule? Is it simple enough for me to do it consistently? Things like that.

One of the best things I learned through experience did not come from a fitness website, but from a personal development website. If I wanted to lose weight, burn fat or build muscle that is pleasing to my eyes and make me feel good about myself, I learned I had to be:

  • consistent.
  • motivated.
  • inspired.

Without such I do not think that any tip will work. I am thirsty to learn more what works and what doesn't. I guess I will never be satisfied.


Acceptance of who you are right now may be a double edge sword. In my situation, if I had accepted that I was fat and lazy, I may have been sickly or haven't really enjoyed benefits like feeling good about having a healthy body inside and out, wearing great fitting clothes and many others.

Which brings me to the creation of the idea of building this website. If I am consistently learning tips, tricks and tweaks in losing weight or gaining muscle, why not share it with others who need a direct answer? Approaches work differently for different situations of people. We are all unique, aren't we? We have things to balance in life: work: relationships and ourselves.

The Main Idea in Creating this Website

The key to creating to this website is to share simplified things you can do to get a lean body you can be proud and feel good about yourself. I think we heard time and time again the advantages of watching what you eat and getting physically active. Things like minimizing time sick, which I feel is the most important aspect of staying fit. The less time you are sick, the more time you can spend on things that matter.

I am not here to just sell you a product or give couple of tips with studies and opinions about them. I am here to help you simplify things so you can evaluate almost immediately if this is the method, program or product is for you. Even though we have different circumstances and situations in life, by creating simple rules and tips, it has a higher chance of being a doable strategy for long-term results.

Doing so you can do this for the long-term, and not be "seasonal", which I encounter most of the time. People who workout and diet for a while, when not seeing results, they go back to their old life of eating "normally" then complain about being fat and not feeling good.

I want to help people through this website. Fitness tips here are from personal experience, other people in the fitness industry's experiences that just like me, have gone through trial and error and a lot of researching.

Getting Lean and Staying Lean

I got inspiration from a fitness blogger Rusty Moore. The fitness industry has evolved from aiming for the body builder look to the lean, model and ripped look. I firmly believe that you will look better on the beach or in clothes if you look lean all the time and I would like to help you do that.

I hope you will find this site helpful, even if you do not donate or buy anything, I genuinely hope every strategy I deliver would create a change, no matter how big or small in your perception of getting lean and fit and soon achieve your results. Not someday, but as soon as possible so you can enjoy the benefits.

Well that's it. My About Me Page. Liked it?

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