Build Chest Muscles Fast

How to Get Attractive Chest Muscles

There are many ways to build chest muscles fast; but you want to get attractive pecs not bulky ones. Any guy would want a nice, defined and thick set of pectoral muscles from the collar bone.

The many fault that guys I know make is instead of square pecs they make it into breast-looking pecs and not what they are really gunning for. This article can show you what look to gun for and how to get there fast.

Build Chest Muscles Fast

[Matthew Mcconaughey has one of the best examples of the masculine square pecs. Notice the line in the middle from the collar bone? It is the look I endorse to my readers of this site.]

To get this kind of look, you have to focus most of your exercises for your upper chest. Most guys and beginners would do the flat bench presses and other variations, which develops the lower chest quicker than the upper part.

Exercises for a Masculine Looking Square Pecs

To build chest muscles fast from the collar bone down, you need to get muscle definition and a little bit muscle. This would look better on clothes and a lot better with your top off.

The best set of exercises for nice square pecs are upper chest exercises. There are many variations of upper chest exercises. Some of them are:

1. Incline bench press

2. Incline dumbell presses

3. Incline dumbell flyes

I have done such exercises for years now and it has worked well for me. My pecs are more square than big and bulky. My girlfriend loves this kind of look.

[an example of proper form of inclined dumbbell presses. Keep your back close to the incline bench and focus the effort on your arms and chest.]

Repetitions for Inclined Chest Exercises

We want the lean look of this muscle group; and the most recommended number of reps is 5. This creates muscle fiber growth; which is more permanent and defined. If you want to build chest muscles fast, focus on low rep and high number of sets (10 or more) to tire the muscles and "forces" it to grow.

I have discussed the Rep Ranges to Build Lean Muscle Fast in this article which discusses the different effects of reps and sets in muscle growth and definition.

muscle building program

I am against excessive muscle like the cheesy bodybuilder look. here is a video on how to look lean and attractive to the opposite sex.

The Importance of Mind to Muscle Link to Build Chest Muscles Fast

A tip not all fitness experts share is the importance of the mind-to-muscle-link to build chest muscles fast or any muscle part for that matter. It is the ability to fully contract and expand the muscle and "feel the burn".

side note:I discovered its importance through Rusty Moore's blog and ever since I got every rep right I got better results.

If you feel you are having a hard time doing inclined exercises for your chest, you might want to go a little light on the weights and get the "burn" lifting those dumbbells. The next time your go with your normal weights in chest exercises, you can easily build muscle definition.

There are many exercises to build chest muscle fast, but you want a more strategic approach to get chest muscles like that of Brad Pitt that is more masculine looking and defined.

Focus more on building the upper chest first through variations of inclined presses and with repetitions that builds muscle fiber. I am focusing on my upper chest for years now than dropped flat presses and it works great.

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