Rep Ranges to Build Lean Muscle Fast

To build lean muscle fast, it would mean a different approach from bulking up like most body builders do. Think the approach of Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner and many other celebrities. In my opinion lean looking muscles are much better because it can make you look really good on clothes or at the beach. Let's discuss how rep ranges affect the look of your muscles.

Build Lean Muscle Fast

[I am a firm believer of the "lean" look of muscles. I used to follow the typical body builder workout routine but it seems to not work out for me. I am a not that tall and having big and bulky muscles makes me look shorter. Plus it is not as attractive than the lean Hollywood celebrity look.] Volume and Sets Means Everything for Building Lean Muscles Fast

Most of the fitness magazines out there would always recommend the 6-12 repetitions in their exercises. Without going into much detail, this typical rep range is building a more "soft" type of muscles. Lean muscles are more angular and hard without being to bulky.

If you are into the more technical stuff to build lean muscle fast however, I may quote the more accurate explanation of Rusty Moore of regarding the 6-12 range:

"High rep, pump training creates Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This is an increase in muscle size due to an increase in the volume of the muscle cell fluid. This fluid can account for up to 30% of the size of a muscle on a pumped up bodybuilder who trains with 6-12 reps. It is also why the size of the muscles can increase and decrease dramatically with this type of training. It is "fake" muscle growth to a certain extent."

Moral Lesson: pumping so much, so heavy and so soon does not build lean muscle fast.

What Rep Range Is More Effective to Build Muscle Fast Then?

Low rep range ( 2-5 ) is the more effective approach because it creates a more permanent and lean look. This evolves around the concept of Myofibrillar Hypertrophy means the growth of muscle fibers without the fluid in the muscles.

Contrary to popular fitness sources, you will want to avoid having too much muscle fluid because it tends to create a more "bulky" and temporary look. I am a former follower of such rep range and it only looks good on the mirror while lifting; but after a good 24 hours it tends to look a lot smaller so I would be pressured to "get big" again. This look does not turn heads on the beach, not in a good way at least.

Avoid High Reps for Lean Looking Muscles

In order to build lean muscle fast, you might want to concentrate on getting the reps right and not the "pump". Create more tension while lifting the weights until you reach a recommended rep of 5. Focusing on the form and tension can give way in "correcting" uneven muscles caused by the stronger side of the lift.

If you want to get a little bigger, you can have sets more than 10 to create muscle fatigue to trigger its growth, yet still staying at the 5 rep range. You can do this program for 5-8 weeks. This concept of muscle fatigue builds muscle fast so do not overdo it. it defeats the purpose of having lean and dense looking muscles.

After having high sets to build muscle fast, you can change your program into developing strength and muscle definition at 6-10 sets with 5 reps or less each. This time focusing on the tension of every lift.

get lean

[lean looking muscles look good at the beach, don't you agree?]

3 Tips While Building Lean Muscle

There are things you should basically avoid while on your journey to build lean muscles.

You should not:

1.Put too much body fat- otherwise you cannot see muscle definition if your muscles will have so much body fat in it. Create a balance of low calorie days with your normal calorie days to make your body burn body fat instead of storing it.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot build lean muscle fast with eating more than you burn.

2.Have too much salt in your diet- Water can easily be retained under your skin if you have too much salt in your diet. A quick fix is to sweat it out and drink a lot of water.

3.Over training- fast lean muscle gains cannot be achieved with over training. Allow your muscles to rest and grow. 4-5 days a week of resistance training is enough. Rest days should not be sleep days though; stay active to avoid gaining body fat.

I believe that rep ranges, sets and diet means everything to build lean muscle fast. Lean muscle is much more attractive in clothes or at the beach than the bulky look. Have ample time to build lean muscle where you want it and time for it to rest. It is also important to stay active and watch what you eat to avoid gaining body fat. It is much easier to look lean that way.

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