Easy Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

What I Learned to Get Results in Months

Easy weight loss tips here are based from experience; for sure losing more than 50 pounds is definitely not a walk in the park, but not impossible either. Here are the best tips I can ever give during my journey.

Before I even got to being 60 pounds overweight, for months I have been eating at large portions often and regularly drinking alcohol.
It may be blamed to some emotional and environmental stresses that resulted in finding comfort from the wrong sources.

I am not proud of this period of my life, I am sure some of you also have or may have been experiencing such, resulting to food and drinking as a trigger for inactivity and binge eating.

Why would I write an article about EASY weight loss tips for beginners?

First of all beginners may not always mean people who are just starting out to change some of their habits; there are people like me that started from scratch.

Definitely weight loss is not easy for most people; for some it is a constant struggle. Is it in the way you eat or your level of activity? I don't think so.

Easy weight loss tips should be easy at first because everything should start somewhere and be the start of progressive effort.

Condition your mind and you can get your weight loss goals faster. The first thing you can condition your mind to do is to take positive action without thinking so much about it.

Why Food and Alcohol is not a good idea to deal with stress...

We all deal with stress; many things we might not agree on but is essential for personal growth. Many people say this, but I learned that food and drinking is not the answer.

Evaluating my weight loss progress, I found out that exercising or talking to people is much effective than eating a large pizza or a bar of chocolate that can be gone in minutes. Matters of the mind are best dealt with directly than with food.

Best weight loss tips are the bits and pieces you learn and get consistent with.

I don't want to sound "hypey", but I really lost 50+ pounds of emotional eating and binge drinking in six months. I have combined some of what I think are the easy weight loss tips that I can follow for five months and follow consistently. Those tips did not give me a beach body...yet, but definitely brought me to the right track and helped me lose A LOT of weight.

Did I mention that I have not gained the 50 pounds back?


We gain weight because of habits that results to more calories taken in than burned/used. You have to evaluate the habits you have: does it trigger more calories taken in? If you are not happy with it then maybe its time to change habits bit by bit.

Weight loss motivation tips are foundation for Long-term results

Motivation is easier if you have a clear goal and habits of positive action. Based from experience, a motivated and consistent mind will help make losing weight easy than other people motivating you. I think our jobs as fitness enthusiast is to inspire people to get them motivated.

What is your motivation? To get lean? Be more attractive to the opposite sex? Read more here in my article about some weight loss motivation tips to get results as soon as possible.

Another Easy Weight Loss Tip: Find a way to Eat Less

I believe in the importance of the structure of diet more than working out hard; for one it can get so physically and emotionally draining if you are to target to burn "X" number of calories in the treadmill and/or in resistance training.

Finding a way to eat less is one of the best easy weight loss tips I discovered. It all starts from changing the way you think about food. We need food to survive, but large amounts of it is a choice. Find a way to start eating less. It can start from eliminating snacks, to reducing the amount of servings in each meal.

Do not force yourself to do anything; push yourself a little over your comfort zone everytime.

Exercising and Staying Active

This might be a tricky part for some people starting from scratch, even I'm used to exercising and sweating out find it quite difficult working out again after months of inactivity.

What I did was I tried to find simple ways to get my body moving; a sport, jogging outside, even workout videos at home. No matter the effort level or calories burned, it is important to get exercise and physical activity progressively to get results faster. One of the problems I see is about the level of effort. It is pretty easy to give up when you pick a workout regimen or sport and your fitness level is not progressing.

Combined with eating less than your comfort zone, exercising accelerates results in the weight loss equation:

Calories Burned > Calories Taken in = weight loss

I am not saying eat less and go crazy counting calories or any other eating disorders. Say you usually eat 5-6 times a day, make it 3-4 or 2-3. It will feel weird because your body is not used to using body fat as a source of energy but after a period of time and some will power, you will be a fat burning machine!

There are no complex rules or "magic formula" to weight loss. Easy weight loss tips above are based on the thought of more calories should be burned than taken in. Find ways to eat less and get active through exercise. The how explained through this website and many ways as well. Take your pick.

I hope you reach your weight loss goals through this easy weight loss tips that helped me get back on track.

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