Use Intermittent Fasting Safely to Lose Weight Faster

I never thought I would use intermittent fasting as a way to lose or maintain weight. Binge eating was a hobby of mine until I decided that not only is it a health-hazard, but complications in health will eventually rise if I continue such lifestyle.

Looking for easy ways to lose weight, intermittent fasting seems so simple because it just requires a 24-hour break from food once or twice a week, with the non-fast days eating in sensible portions. I feel I can eat anything I want and still lose weight.

...or does it?

it is no secret that in order to lose weight, you have to take in lesser calories than you burn. This method of fasting created such interest because of its simplistic nature and freedom to enjoy food, of course with common sense in the portions.

What is Intermittent Fasting Anyway?

Based on definition, intermittent fasting is typically a 24 hour break from any form of calories once or twice a week. This is a more simple, straight-forward approach of cutting back calories with the flexibility of choosing the days of the fast. Imagine cutting out calories two days a week, in my opinion is much easier as opposed with the 5-6 small meals a day.

I have discussed in this article about some studies that proves that short-term fasts like intermittent fasting will not decrease the metabolism or reduce some hormones. Anything longer than that is a different story.

Why Intermittent Fasting Style Works

Weight loss in my opinion can be as simple or as complicated as you allow it.

Find the simplest, easiest and most comfortable way for you to reduce your calorie intake. If this strategy won't make you feel deprived physically and mentally, then you have a small lifestyle tweak that can give you great results.

For me intermittent fasting and knowing a little about it takes away my obsession of food and calorie counting. It is a worthy consideration of fitting it in a fast-paced lifestyle where many things need to get done.

Starting Out with Intermittent Fasting

Diet programs with extreme caloric restriction often fail because, you have to admit, and you will avoid all those favorite foods of yours no matter the quantity. Diet programs that promises light speed results on the other hand also fail because it is much easy to lose interest because of getting discouraged.

To successfully lose weight with this strategy or any diet strategy for that matter, start small and slowly progress. Listen to your body, it will tell you when you need food. It is not as often as you think and it is definitely not always calling for a humungous burger, fries and soft drinks!

During the first weeks, there will be some withdrawals or some battles in your mind. You might even question your thoughts on this. This is caused by your body switching from food as the main source of food to using your fat reserves. It was quite hard for me to adjust because I was used to eating often in large quantities.

Starting out 50 pounds heavier, I conditioned myself by getting used first to skipping a meal a day. If I normally ate 5 meals, I made it four, then 3. I stopped at 2. Then I tried fasting for once a week, then twice a week.

In the fasting days, which is normally once or twice a week, I often do it earlier in the week because there many things that can keep me busy and not think about food. For example, My last meal for today will be at 5pm. I will have my next meal at 5pm the following day.

Side Note: This style of fasting for weight loss should not be an excuse to fill the other days with junk. We can enjoy all the foods we want but of course at sensible portions. If we want to lose weight you have to love the lifestyle of eating less.I know it is not that easy.

A Permanent Weight Management Solution?

Ever since knowing the advantages and adjustments undergone by adapting this method, it makes weight management so easy. I enjoy a 5 pound weight range all year long and I do not gain weight more than that.

Caution should be taken, especially for teenagers, because of the possibility to go overboard with this. Please value your life. That is the whole point of the such lifestyle. It can create a life of healthy and good eating habits; not to mention it can make you lean all year round. Listen to your body and allow it to clean it self once or twice per week.

Intermittent Fasting presents itself a good alternative to cutting back calories. It can be also a candidate for long-term weight management solution. It's so simple the only thing it asks of you is to take a break from calorie intake and allow your body to cleanse it self. Proven by science and yours truly, the one thing I love about intermittent fasting is the sensible freedom in food choices that takes the confusion and anxiety that I had in my previous diet regimens.

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