Secret Muscle Building Tips for an Attractive Body

This article focuses on muscle building tips that will help you build a decent amount of muscle without going overboard. First determine what kind of "look" you want, and know what specific strategies needed for that kind of look.

Inspired by my friends and people I seldom meet in the gym, I want to give simple solutions to a simple dilemma: Building muscle that looks attractive. These muscle building tips are based from observations and conversations I had for the past few years.

Your Muscle Should Compliment Your Look

I am happy the fitness world is evolving. Before there was one mindset for guys in building muscle: to get bigger. Now I talk to people who want to get the lean look that will look hot on the beach even in fit clothes. In other words, there are rising fans of the lean, sleek look.

The muscle building mindset has in my opinion been split into two: the body builder's mindset and the lean-look mindset.

Side Note: I have most respect for body builders; I have friends who are really passionate about it. But for people like me who doesn't have such passion and investment, looking lean seems the practical goal.

Determine the look you want first before researching a muscle building program. It takes a different mindset to look lean and for body builders.

Muscle Where You Want It

There are two approaches of muscle building I notice in the gym for beginners:

Doing Resistance Training Mindlessly...part 1

Guys and gals who have not done a little digging on reps, exercises and sets tend to do the "pump" every exercise they do. If I ask them what kind of look they want, most common answers are: decent amount of muscle and the look similar to models and Hollywood stars. But the way they do things don't really fit together

This article on Rep Ranges involving muscle tone and growth explains that high and fast reps on exercises won't give that lean look because it doesn't promote muscle fiber growth, which gives a more permanent look. The approach to exercise I observe most beginners do (which I did too) is geared for endurance of the muscle, and makes the muscle look bigger at the gym and not after.

Doing Resistance Training Mindlessly...part 2

Another group want the same kind of look, but exercises are not really getting them there. For example I met a guy that wants nice shoulders and arms but every time he goes to the gym he does 30minutes of cardio and squats first. The same thing happens the next day but he does bench presses after cardio.

To get that lean, model-like look, the most important of the muscle building tips I have ever received is to build muscle where you want it most. There is a large difference between two guys at the same weight and fat percentage but one blindly builds muscle and the other focuses on the "show-off" muscles; chest, shoulders, arms and back.

"Muscle Specialization" is the strategy of the other guy. That word came from Rusty Moore in his article: A Big Mistake When it Comes to Gaining Muscle Mass

Added Tip: Let your eating habits and nutrition determine your fat percentage to reveal those hard-earned muscles.

There Is No One Program to Build Muscle

Most people think that muscle building tips are centered around a gym. Good thing is that there are people like Craig Ballantyne created the catchy phrase "no gym? no problem!". In his programs he gives people flexibility to workout any where convenient to them, and still get a lean body.

I go to the gym because it is most convenient for me. When out of town though, there are many body weight exercises that can be done and still get results.

...what if body weight exercises become easy?

The pace of the reps and the number of sets determine what kind of muscle you will have. In body weight exercises there are many approaches that will give enough resistance to build muscle. You can read more on How to Build Muscle Without Weights.

There is a lot more to building muscle than just lifting weights. Muscle building tips outlined above are just a few critical points to save time and get the results you really want. Simple strategies gives opportunity to people who want to get lean in a fast paced life.

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